HSE Test

HSE is the new GED!

Info about the new HSE Test:



Turning Point offers the TASC test for a High School Equivalency (HSE) degree to the general public, as well as to students at prep programs in the community.  We only offer the test in English.  For a complete listing of all NYC test centers, click here.

We highly recommend studying with a prep program before you take the HSE test.  Only about 45% of people who didn’t study in a prep program pass the HSE test.  Meanwhile, about 70-90% of prep students pass the test.  Classes pay off!  Click here to read about Turning Point’s classes.


Signing up for the HSE Test

Turning Point is now accepting applications for those looking to take the new High School Equivalency exam. The application can be found here:


The application requires a social security number. If you do not have a social security number, you must submit a copy of the ID you plan on using the day of the test. If you do not either provide your social security number or a copy of your ID, you will not be scheduled.


To find Turning Point’s mailing address and testing schedule for the year please click here (Turning Point’s test center number is 635):


If you took the previous GED Test (2002-2013):

You must submit a copy of your score report in order to have your passing scores transfer over to the new exam. Be advised, the first time you test in 2014 you will have to take all 5 subjects, no matter what your scores on the GED  were (though you will only have to pass the tests you didn’t pass).


Misc. Info

The new High School Equivalency Exam requires the use of a scientific calculator. Turning Point will provide the TI-30XS calculator during the math and science sections of the test. Please visit for directions and tutorials.


If you have any questions please visit, or


If you still have questions after visiting those two sites you can email